Casa Tierra Resident Activities
Every day is Resident day!!

Come in for coffee and cookies and chat with us. We love to hear how our family at Casa Tierra is doing. We love hearing about your accomplishments or recent vacations! Taking Fido for a walk?  Bring him in for a doggie treat!

Super Summer Resident Bash!

We have the community bashes of the century!! We provide food, music/DJ, games and a GREAT time! Past events have included a Mexican Fiesta, Hawaiian Luau, 80's party, Circus and more! We ALWAYS have a theme and we ALWAYS have FUN!!! This is a fabulous oppertunity for you to get to know our staff and the folks that live around you! Come have a BLAST with your Casa Tierra Family!

Kids Club

Throughout the year we have a kids events for all to enjoy. Join us for movie days, pool parties, arts and crafts, and learning that is fun! It's a great way for parents and family to get involved and meet the kids at our lovely community, because it is always nice to know who your children are playing with!

Annual Yard Sale

Its where one man's junk is another man's treasure! We line up with tables and sit around in the gorgeous New Mexico sun enjoying meeting other residents and people in the community. We advetrtise this event in the local Journal to gain a wider involvement and more people to buy your STUFF!

Yoga Class

During the summer we invite an instructor to come in and do yoga classes for our residents, either outside or in our clubhouse. This varies annually with the water aerobics but what a great opportunity to not only stay healthy but to meet fellow residents and have fun!

Pool Aerobic Class

We will be starting this fabulous program this summer at Casa Tierra.  We bring in a wonderful pool/aerobics instructor and allow you to work out those muscles in our gorgeous outdoor pool!

Starbucks Day

This is quarterly! Around 7:30 am on your way to work we will meet you outside with a smile and a cup of  Starbucks coffee and danish! There`s no other way to start your morning off better!

Holiday Events

Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas and Halloween! We try do do something special for all occasions.

*Easter we do an egg hunt for all to enjoy.

*Thanksgiving we deliver packages of food to families in need from resident donations.

*Halloween we provide punch and cookies and stay open late to give candy to all the kids in the community.

*Christmas time we have balcony decorating contests and Santa Claus comes with gifts for the children and pets!

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